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Methamphetamine or crystal meth is a highly addictive stimulant that’s become prevalent across the nation because it can be cheaply made from household ingredients. Because it is cheaper than cocaine and its euphoric effects longer-lasting, meth abuse quickly turns into meth addiction. Individuals struggling with meth addiction experience intense highs but equally intense lows or ‘crashing,’ causing them to make very risky decisions and put themselves and others in danger. However, with the right substance abuse treatment, healing is possible, and meth addiction can be overcome.

At TruHealing in Baltimore, Maryland, we offer comprehensive rehab, allowing individuals not just to stop using meth but to make a lasting recovery.

Meth Addiction and Withdrawal Symptoms

Doctor and patient on couchSeveral factors impact how an individual will experience withdrawal from methamphetamine. Depending on an individual’s health, age, the severity of the addiction, and if there are any other co-occurring disorders present, the symptoms of meth withdrawal will have varying intensity and duration. However, meth withdrawal is physically taxing and uncomfortable no matter what and can have a serious psychological impact.


There are usually two stages of meth withdrawal: acute withdrawal and sub-acute withdrawal. During acute withdrawal, clients can expect several physical withdrawal symptoms that can last from one week to 10 days. Sub-acute withdrawal, on the other hand, may last as long as two weeks or more. This stage of withdrawal largely revolves around ongoing cravings. Even after the physical withdrawal symptoms end, clients find themselves craving the drug.


This is why it’s important to find a meth addiction treatment program like that offered at TruHealing Baltimore. Our addiction treatment programs can meet the needs of individuals struggling with meth addiction, no matter their stage. Our programs include:


Some Symptoms of Meth Abuse

Meth addiction can lead to some very severe physical withdrawal symptoms. But individuals struggling with meth abuse also display the following symptoms:


  • Speech Impairment: Whether it’s mumbling, failure to remember words, or stuttering, a symptom of meth abuse often seen is difficulty speaking coherently.
  • Red and Itchy Eyes: One of the most obvious symptoms of meth abuse is red, bloodshot eyes that feel itchy to the individual.
  • Decreased Appetite: When people are under the influence of meth, their appetite almost entirely disappears. That’s one of the main reasons why people addicted to meth often lose weight drastically. Eating just isn’t a priority. During withdrawal, however, that all changes. One of the most common meth withdrawal symptoms is seeing a big increase in appetite.
  • Changes to Sleep Patterns: Meth is a stimulant drug, which means that people sleep very little when under the influence of meth. This has a profoundly negative effect on an individual’s mental state. Once meth withdrawal begins, it is common to feel very tired. Without a stimulant to keep you awake, many clients will sleep a lot.
  • Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms: Some of the most severe meth withdrawal symptoms are psychological rather than physical. Many people find that during withdrawal, they experience life-like hallucinations and vivid dreams or nightmares. It is also common to experience sadness, hopelessness, or depression. Anxiety is common, and so are panic attacks. Suicidal thoughts are also possible in some cases.


Recognizing these symptoms of meth abuse is the first step in getting yourself or someone else the addiction treatment necessary to heal.


TruHealing Baltimore

Dealing with the physical effects of meth addiction is just one aspect of treatment at our rehab facility. The TruHealing Baltimore team knows that to overcome meth addiction, individuals need proper and thorough therapeutic care. Therefore, we offer a wide range of therapies, such as:



These and other therapeutic options can help clients get to the heart of their meth abuse as they address and heal from their physical symptoms in our rehab program. Don’t let meth addiction control your life any longer. Reach out to us today at 833.782.2241 to discover what we have to offer.

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