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Addiction is a disease that affects millions every year. Fortunately, it is a disease that can be treated, and many who seek out support find they can overcome their drug or alcohol abuse. At TruHealing Baltimore, we offer a wide range of addiction treatment programs.

What Are the Types of Addiction Treatment Programs?

Sick woman receiving careAt TruHealing in Baltimore, Maryland, we offer a wide range of drug rehab and alcohol rehab programs. Each of our addiction treatment programs delivers high-quality care with the goal of healing and helping clients get healthy again. Our programs include:


  • Partial hospitalization program: PHP is sometimes referred to as day treatment or day therapy. Individuals come to our facility for a set block of hours, usually five days a week, to receive treatment and participate in therapy. However, clients return home after treatment rather than stay at the facility.
  • Intensive outpatient program: Like a partial hospitalization program, an IOP provides medical and psychological treatment but doesn’t require clients to stay at our facility overnight or all day. In a series of condensed treatment sessions, individuals receive counseling and therapy and learn relapse prevention skills. IOP requires only a few short visits a week.
  • Outpatient addiction treatment: When individuals have completed a course of treatment, this program provides them with regular contact, support, and resources to move from the early stages of recovery into building long-term recovery.
  • Sober living program: Some individuals benefit from a structured environment after treatment, and some need what has been called a halfway house so they can avoid triggers and lay the foundations for a new, sober life.
  • Case Management: When legal issues arise demanding treatment or therapy, it’s vital to have an advocate. Our case management services are designed to provide individuals with treatment, advocacy, and resources to progress through rehab.
  • Aftercare: Being a part of a community greatly increases the likelihood of making a lasting recovery. It reduces the chances of relapse and, even if relapse occurs, gives individuals the support they need to get back on the path to recovery.
  • Coming Soon: Detox and Residential

What to Expect from Rehab

When individuals first arrive looking for alcohol rehab or drug rehab, our clinicians will assess and evaluate their condition. This will include a review of a person’s physical and mental state, a catalog of substances used both recently and in the past, and family history if possible. Entering rehab is similar to entering a hospital or medical facility. Our team needs to know as much as possible about an individual’s health to construct an effective plan of treatment. Once through admissions, the individual will be oriented to the programs and procedures at TruHealing Baltimore. This will include all your patient rights, responsibilities, and confidentiality laws.


Each individual will have a different experience in treatment. However, all clients will have access to therapeutic programs. Our counselors and therapists will work alongside clients to devise the most effective addiction treatment program and therapies to achieve the client’s goals. Because treatment will vary from individual to individual based on their unique needs, the treatment duration will also vary. The pace and progress of treatment are based on individual milestones. Patience is the key to recovery. At TruHealing Baltimore, we believe in healing the whole person.

Find the Support You Need at TruHealing Baltimore

Our addiction treatment programs at TruHealing Baltimore are designed to meet individuals in the recovery process. We work alongside clients to get them the most suitable therapy to set clear goals and make real progress. Some of the therapies we offer include:



These and other therapies are designed to address addiction’s physical, mental, and social aspects, giving clients the foundation they need to live a vibrant life in sobriety. Discover more about what we have to offer when you contact us at 833.782.2241 today.

Why TruHealing Baltimore?

TruHealing Baltimore is your partner for recovery. We are ready to give you or your loved one everything they need for recovery that stands the test of time. The only requirement is a little hope and enough willingness to try. The sober, happy and peaceful life you’re imagining is much closer than you imagine. Give us a call (833) 782-2241 and we can start moving in the right direction. 

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