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Millions of people every year struggle with drug or alcohol abuse. Whether it’s abusing alcohol and gradually developing a dependency, misusing prescription medications, or abusing drugs because of trauma or some other mental health issue, the disease of addiction can affect anyone at any time. Therefore, it is vital to learn to recognize the signs of a substance use disorder so that the proper substance abuse treatment can be found. At TruHealing Baltimore, our team of experts in addiction recovery can help individuals, families, and even communities heal from the ravages of substance abuse.

Recognizing Substance Abuse

Couple Holding hands on a couchSubstance abuse is the excessive use of alcohol or the abuse of drugs. When someone develops a substance use disorder, they cannot regulate how much or how often they use drugs or alcohol. While substance abuse isn’t the same as addiction, it drastically increases the risk of developing a dependency. Once substance abuse leads to addiction, individuals will need professional help to heal from the disease.

There are many signs someone is struggling with addiction. If you notice the following in yourself or others, it may be necessary to reach out to TruHealing Baltimore to learn more about our rehab programs:

  • Using drugs or alcohol more and more often or in larger amounts
  • Wanting to stop but being unable to do so
  • Spending most of one’s time using, abusing, and recovering from drugs or alcohol
  • Inability to function normally without experiencing withdrawal symptoms
  • Physical and mental health begins to deteriorate with continued use of drugs or alcohol

Types of Substance Abuse Treatment

When individuals abuse drugs or alcohol, they risk developing a substance use disorder or addiction. Some of the substance abuse treatment programs we offer here at TruHealing Baltimore include:


  • Alcohol addiction: Because alcohol is legal and prominent in our culture, it can be easily abused. Many individuals binge drink, putting them at risk of developing an alcohol use disorder. When this happens, finding support at our alcohol addiction treatment program can help individuals and families heal and recover from the effects of alcohol addiction.
  • Meth addiction: Crystal methamphetamine or crystal meth is still a prominent and cheap illicit drug. Cheaper than cocaine or other stimulants, more potent and easier to make, has derailed many individuals’ lives. Our meth addiction treatment focuses on getting clients back to good health and working through the issues that may have led them to use meth so they can make a lasting recovery.
  • Opiate and opioid addiction: The opioid epidemic has touched the lives of nearly everyone in the nation. Overprescribing pushed by the pharmaceutical industry has caused many who were just looking for pain relief to become addicted. Fortunately, we offer a program that can help individuals learn to manage their pain, heal from addiction, and avoid future relapse.
  • Heroin addiction: Perhaps the most potent and addictive illicit drug, heroin, has increased in use due to the opioid epidemic as individuals look for cheaper ways to maintain their addiction. Unfortunately, they end up substituting one addiction for another. Because heroin is so potent, individuals need professional support to heal.
  • Benzo addiction: These prescription drugs are usually given to manage anxiety or other mood disorders. However, they can be addictive, and when abused, cause severe damage to professional and personal relationships.

Find the Addiction Recovery You Need at TruHealing Baltimore

Addiction is a complex disease. It has both physical and psychological aspects that must be addressed through an addiction recovery program so individuals can heal. At TruHealing Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland, we offer comprehensive rehab. Reach out to us today at 833.782.2241 to learn more about our programs.

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