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Every individual who enters TruHealing Baltimore will receive an individualized treatment plan based on our holistic, multidisciplinary approach towards addiction treatment. Our treatment plan is made up of effective, evidence-based therapies, administered to each individual based on their personal story, strengths, and goals as they build towards long term recovery. Much of the treatment engages group therapy, and throughout recovery, you will be surrounded by individuals with similar problems, facing the same challenges, and seeking the same opportunities for change. It is during recovery where you will be provided with not only the tools and skills to overcome your addiction but the knowledge and experience of how and when to uses these tools on your way to long-term recovery.

Do You Need Mental Health Counseling?

Friends by the waterfrontAn individual may need mental health treatment of they are experiencing any of the following:

  • Sudden and severe mood swings: Instability of one’s mood suggests an underlying issue. Often this may be due to a depressive disorder or anxiety. Rapid, obvious mood swings or gross overreactions to ordinary events suggest individuals need to see a counselor or therapist.
  • Persistent worry or sadness: When someone experiences excessive sadness for several days or weeks, they are likely dealing with some form of depression. Similarly, excessive anxiousness can cause serious physical issues.
  • Reliving past experiences: It’s not uncommon for traumatic events or experiences to take time to impact an individual. Sometimes individuals only start to process the trauma they’ve experienced later in life or due to some trigger. When this happens, individuals find themselves reliving the experience in their dreams and waking life, causing severe discomfort.
  • Self-Medicating: It’s not uncommon for individuals to turn to substances to feel better about themselves. Often this is benign, like comfort foods or a favorite movie. Yet, when individuals turn to drugs or alcohol to mask their emotional or mental discomfort, they put themselves at risk of developing an addiction while also worsening their mental health.

Types of Addiction Treatment Therapy

At our facility in Baltimore, Maryland, we offer a wide range of mental health counseling options. Our therapies are meant to meet the specific needs of each client. As individuals progress through treatment, their therapies may change to suit their changing needs. The types of addiction treatment therapy we offer include:

  • Recreational therapy: Designed to help individuals learn new sober hobbies and activities in recovery.
  • Expressive therapy: These various art therapies provide clients with outlets to explore their emotions and thoughts.
  • Group therapy: Working alongside peers, clients learn how to give and receive advice increasing their accountability and responsibility.
  • Family therapy: Here, clients explore who their family relations have affected their substance use disorder, how they’ve impacted their family members, and how family members can learn to be supportive in a healthy manner.
  • Trauma-focused therapy: Individuals identify, address, and work to overcome past traumas.
  • Motivational interviewing: A goal-setting form of therapy.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy: Designed to overcome negative thinking and negative self-image.
  • Co-occurring: When individuals struggle with both a substance use disorder and mental health issues, this form of treatment addresses both conditions simultaneously.

Find Support at TruHealing Baltimore

Long-term recovery means having the right mental health treatment to stay happy and healthy. At TruHealing Baltimore, we offer all who come to us a variety of therapeutic options across all our treatment programs to meet their unique needs. Some of our addiction treatment programs include:

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