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When most people imagine drug rehab or addiction recovery, they conjure in their mind an image of an inpatient, residential facility. Usually, when we think of substance abuse treatment, we make associations with the films or media we’ve seen. However, there are several levels of care designed to meet the unique needs of individuals looking to recover from the disease of addiction. For those who have completed other programs or have a mild dependency, outpatient addiction treatment is probably the best option.


TruHealing Baltimore’s outpatient addiction treatment is the least intensive program we offer. It is a program that offers an extra resource and layer of accountability during early recovery and beyond.

What is Outpatient Addiction Treatment?

Happy couple in the sunUnlike inpatient or residential treatment, where clients live at a facility for anywhere from 30 to 90 days, outpatient rehab allows individuals to schedule their treatment around their personal and professional life. Thus, individuals needing treatment or ongoing support during recovery from drug or alcohol addiction don’t have undue pressures put on their time and finances. In outpatient substance abuse treatment, individuals can continue to work, attend school, and be present with their family and friends while getting the help they need to heal.


Our outpatient treatment program at TruHealing Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland provides individuals with all the same high-quality therapies and options offered in our other addiction treatment programs. Clients can participate in group therapyfamily therapy, and individual therapy. By setting a schedule of meeting once or twice a week or once a month (this depends on the therapeutic plan decided on with your counselor or therapist), individuals are better able to integrate treatment into their everyday life.

Continuing Care and Therapy

Addiction is a complex disease that has both a physical and mental aspect. Like any disease, it requires professional support and care to heal from and recover. Yet addiction is a chronic disease, meaning many individuals will need to remain vigilant even after completing substance abuse treatment. Outpatient addiction treatment is a level of care where individuals can still get the support and resources they need should they confront any issue that challenges their sobriety.


At TruHealing Baltimore, our outpatient therapists make it a point to be an ongoing resource for clients even after they’ve completed a treatment program. We work alongside clients to create a self-guided plan with defined, actionable goals that help them build long-term recovery. This means being able to recognize triggers and stressors, learning to avoid them, and being able to address triggers when they arise or are encountered. Our outpatient treatment program gives individuals a place to turn to when they are challenged or anxious about maintaining their recovery. It’s also an excellent way to get back onto the path of recovery should relapse occur.


As individuals begin to move past early recovery, they encounter more freedom and take on greater responsibility. This is a good thing, but it also brings more stress and can put individuals in unfamiliar territory. Thus, regular meetings with an outpatient therapist can be a resource to navigate these situations.

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Outpatient treatment is just one of the programs we offer at TruHealing Baltimore in Baltimore, Maryland. We provide support and care all along the addiction treatment spectrum, such as:

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